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Meet the face behind the food.

My name is Amina. I am an Arab American girl living on the East Coast. Ever since I could remember I always was fascinated by the food world. While kids obsessed over Pokémon, I was glued to my TV watching Lidia Bastianich on PBS making a pan sauce. From a very young age I found myself in the kitchen. It started out with making instant oatmeal and I elevated to grilled cheese (I make a mean grilled cheese). I was labeled from a young age as the friend that can cook or the one who told everyone where the next best restaurant opened in the city. From the clacking of the pans to the constant “winging it” vibes that cooking embraced, I loved every single minute of it.  As the years went by, I still found that I was always the happiest in the kitchen. 

 My close friends reached out and recommended that I make a page where I posted all my fave recipes. They wanted  a place to find what they needed when they wanted to recreate a recipe. So I listened.

 I decided to be true to the passion that I have consistently put on mute. I decided to start an Instagram page called Meals With Amina. I find that my spin on the Arab culture along with my extroverted personality can show the world a glimpse of what it is like in a first-generation Arab girl's kitchen.  

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